Get Yourself Out Of The Way!

One day I was praying to God like every other day, taking my list of things that I needed to Him and desiring fast results. While praying concerning my finances, I said, “Lord, I am a hard worker. I will do whatever it takes to get the job done. I am asking you for some extra work from my job so that I can earn a little more money to help with some of my family’s needs.” That request seems harmless, however, the Holy Spirit corrected me and taught me a very valuable lesson.

You see, at that time I had a graphic design company and was primarily doing the most of my work with websites. I asked the Lord to bring me 5 new websites because I knew the financial goal I was needing to reach. The Holy Spirit spoke up and said, “What do I need you for? You are asking me for money and making yourself the source to supply it. Why don’t you trust me as your source AND supply?” He took me to Philippians 4:19 which says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” I had read that scripture thousands of times, preached it myself, and even heard some of this generations best ministers teach on that very scripture, but at that moment it hit me right between the eyes. God wasn’t going to supply all of my needs according to my websites, He was going to supply all my needs according to HIS riches. For so many years I put myself as the source and not God.  God has plenty of resources to meet every one of our needs. I made a fast adjustment and the finances began to pour in.

It is important to work and be faithful with your talents and gifts. The Bible does say that if you do not work then you will not eat. I was not haven’t an issue with not working. As I said, I am a hard worker. Where I was missing it was in the area of who was the true source. I always felt that if God would open the door then I could handle it from there. Sometimes you just need to get yourself out of the way!

About calebmoran

Caleb grew up in Rockwall, TX where at age 14 he realized God's plan for him to be in the full-time ministry. This vision became a tangible reality when Metro Life Church was founded in 2009 with nothing more than faith and a vision. Selling their house and quitting their jobs, Caleb and his wife Alicia moved to Lafayette believing that God would turn that city upside down for His glory through the local church. The heart of his message is to show people a better way of life through living by faith, understanding your authority as a believer, and spreading the contagious Love of God. As a young voice in the Church, his passion for seeing God's purposes fulfilled is igniting a fire in the city of Lafayette and beyond. Trained under his spiritual father and mother, Mark and Trina Hankins, Caleb and his wife minister in churches, conferences, Bible Schools, and other ministry events, helping the believer and non-believer gain victory through simple application of God’s Word. Being the proud parents of three wonderful boys, Caleb and his wife know the importance of raising a generation exposed to the moving of the Spirit of God. He resides in the Lafayette area with his wife Alicia and three sons, Jaiden, Gavin, and Landon.
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